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About the project

The Burnout Aid project is an unprecedented international activity aimed at preventing burnout among employees and volunteers in the NGO sector. It is carried out in the international partnership of the Culture Shock Foundation (Poland), Common Zone (Croatia) and City of Women (Slovenia). Operating for many years in the third sector in our countries, we have had a chance to learn about the pros and cons, splendors and shadows of educational and activist work in NGOs.

Every day, we see the great value that foundations, associations and informal movements bring to the development of civil society, how they assist in establishing a sense of community, fulfill an educational mission, and support those in need. We also know what are the costs of such work and commitment on the part of educators and activists. We hope that our project will contribute to the creation of safer and friendlier working conditions in the third sector, as well as to the development of cooperation between NGOs throughout Europe.

STAY IN TOUCH! If you want to take part in pilot activities in our project (platform testing, conducting burnout prevention workshops in the organization) write us at

Burnout is a professional activity crisis resulting from working conditions such as: excessive workload, insufficient pay, conflicts of values, lack of: control, community support or a sense of fairness.

The main symptoms of burnout include: exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy.

About us

Culture Shock Foundation

Paulina Jędrzejewska - co-founder of the Culture Shock Foundation and president of the board. Sociologist, cultural anthropologist, trainer, mentor, coach and group process facilitator. Expert in mobile and new technology. Has experienced a professional burnout and would like to share her story in this project.

Piotr Grabowski - founder of the Culture Shock Foundation and chairman of its Supervisory Board. Lawyer, cultural marketing specialist, crisis intervention specialist, student of social work. Enjoys scientific approach. Bookworm.

Karolina Pluta - trainer, coach,activist, theatre pedagodue, resercher and performer based in Warsaw. In her capacity as a theatre pedagogue and trainer she has been working with diverse audiences including youth, adults, artists, teachers. As a freelancer cooperates with different organizations and institutions in the field of culture and social. She likes to dance and write poems.

Maciej Turczyniak - archaeologist by education, programmer by passion and profession. For many years associated with non-governmental organizations in the field of culture. Enthusiast of Open Source ideas. In between programming he deals with digital retouching and preparing photos for print.

Wacław Marat - a graduate of the Illustration Studio and the Multimedia Artistic Creation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015, his works were shown with honors, among others, at the Debut Film Festival in Koszalin, Young and Film, or at the group exhibition at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw. 

Agnieszka Marat-Głód - a graduate of the Illustration Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015 with honors. Her work has been shown at international painting exhibitions, in Warsaw's Zachęta Gallery and national galleries. She worked in an advertising agency, today she designs fabrics and creates animated films.

City of Women

Urška Jež - collaborating with City of Women since 2006 and president of the Executive board since 2014. Collaborated with several NGOs as an organizer, producer, administrator of international projects, and coordinator of volunteers. Volunteers as animator at youth summer camps.

Ana Čigon - an artist creative in video, film, performance and new media. Her projects tackle social and feminist topics, such as underrepresentation of women artists in art history, collective memory, invisible social groups, relation subject-society, pursuit of happiness. Winner of several awards.

Tjaša Hauptman - Master’s student of Psychology. She is an active member of Psychology students association (DŠPS), where she works on many different projects and conducts workshops. Also a local coordinator for EFPA’s Mind the Mind - to Combat the Stigma of Mental Disordes campaign. Bookworm and sea lover.

Andreja Petrovčič - MSc in Psychology, currently working as Psychology Intern at Institute for Clinical Psychology Izola. Her previous projects and research work were focused on health promotion, psychology of sport and recreation, and organisational psychology. Sport and nature enthusiast.

Urška Lipovž - Sociologist and LGBTQ activist collaborating with City of Women since January 2020. Also a member of the collective Lesbian Quarter, which organizes the annual festival of the same name.

Common Zone

Gabrijela Ivanov - MSc in Computing by formal education and by calling activist in the fields of independent media, culture, and gender equality. Founder of and social enterprise. Currently in Transactional Analysis professional training in the Psychotherapy field of specialization.

Marina Milković - psychologist, worked mostly in social care system. Cooperated with different NGOs, conducting workshops and organizing psychological support. Participated in conducting research on LGBT+ population. Educated in cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques.